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The making of a great wine

A year of care - The wine from the Domaine de Leyre-Loup is the happy result of a year of care that starts with the winter pruning and ends with the bottling, long after the harvest. During this time, the grapes and then the wine are preciously taken care of. That is why, when tasting our vintages, you will experience the fine aromas of a balanced, nicely shaped and well bodied Cru.


Harvesting - Harvesting usually takes place towards the end of September, although there are some exceptions such as 2003, where grapes were picked-up mostly during the second week of the month. While this is not early for the region, we believe that late harvesting for riper grapes translates into greater aromas and structure. We pay particular attention to the maturation of stalks and pips.


It is certainly worth noting that all grapes are manually harvested and systematically sorted only to keep the better qualities.


When stalks are not ripe enough, we partially destalk, which allows extended fermentations.


The alcoholic fermentation and carbonic maceration - We use a technique that is a combination of classic Burgundian techniques and a technique known as "Maceration Carbonique" - in which the activity of enzymes inside uncrushed grapes, in the absence of oxygen, causes internal fermentation, and extraction of colour and flavour from the inner skin, giving the wine the fresh fruity aromas which are so characteristic of the Gamay grape variety.


In this process, destalked bunches and whole bunches of grapes on their stalks are placed inside a closed vat which contains no oxygen. Great care is taken not to crush or damage the grapes as they are placed in the vat. Eventually, the weight of the upper grapes crushes those at the bottom of the vat, and these will start to ferment naturally, using the natural yeasts present in the bloom on the outer skin. As this fermentation takes place, carbon dioxide is produced, blocking oxygen from the upper layers in the vat.


We automatically monitor and adjust temperatures at all stages of the fermentation process, allowing for longer fermentations at a lower temperature. Wines gain in structure and tipycity.


We strongly believe that this long period of alcoholic fermentation and carbonic maceration yields in the Domaine de Leyre-Loup developing more subtle aromas, a finer palate with time and a better ability to age.


The pressing and malolactic fermentation - After typically two weeks, once the best of aromas and tannins have migrated into the juice, the free liquid is removed, and the remaining solids are pressed. Collected juices are eventually blended with free juices.


Then follows the malolactic fermentation, which ends the wine making process. Aging can now start. We use stainless steel vats for or most aromatic wines, and old oak "fûts" and "demi-muids" for our most structured. Our wines grown in vats are called Domaine de Leyre-Loup, and those grown in oak-aged barrels wines Réserve Louis Leyre-Loup. This Reserve wine stands out as a great Burgundy wine over the years.


Domaine de Leyre-Loup aging - Towards Easter of the year following the harvest, the Domaine de Leyre-Loup is bottled on the estate and the wine begins its natural aging process. We endeavour to preserve its fine aromatic nose and naturally soft tannins. It is fairly quickly ready for drinking, a few months for the Fleurie and about a year for the Morgon. Vintages are generally available for purchasing three to six months after being bottled.


Generally speaking, Fleurie is to be drunk between one and five years of age, and Morgon between three to Ten years.


Réserve Louis Leyre-Loup aging – Once the malolactic fermentation is over, the Réserve wine stays in barrels for another year. We use barrels called "fûts de plusieurs vins", that means barrels where wooden tannins have smoothen when previously used for other wines. This favours micro-oxygenation of the wine for greater aromas and deeper structure without catching unnecessary smoky aromas.


After being nurtured for twelve to eighteen months, the wine is then bottled and continues aging. We like to present the Réserve Louis Leyre-Loup for consumption after another six to twelve months, when it has reached an adequate maturity, but owing to their structure, Réserve wines will nicely age between three to fifteen years depending on the Appellation and the vintage.

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Le Wine Enthusiast note le Morgon Réserve Louis Leyre-Loup 2016 92/100


Les Fleurie Réserve obtiennent quant à eux 91/100 (millésime 2015), 90/100 (millésime 2016) et 89/100 (millésime 2014).

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Un domaine certifié Haute Valeur Environnementale


Le Domaine de Leyre-Loup est certifié domaine à haute valeur environnementale par le ministère de l'environnement : nos pratiques culturales, notre approche raisonnée et les soins que nous apportons à la conservation de notre magnifique patrimoine viticole, ainsi qu'à la biodiversité dans nos vignes, nous ont valu cette distinction de premier rang.

Du viognier dans vos verres

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Triplé pour les 2016 au Concours des Vignerons Indépendants

vif_or vif_argent_60x56 vif_bronze_60x60

Nous avons le plaisir de vous informer que les Fleurie Réserve 2016, Morgon Réserve 2016 et Fleurie Domaine 2016 du domaine de Leyre-Loup obtiennent respectivement une médaille d'or, d'argent et de bronze au Concours des Vignerons Indépendants 2018.

Label Terra Vitis

Le Domaine de Leyre-Loup obtient le label Terra Vitis


Le respect de l'environnement, la préservation des paysages et les soins apportés à l'élaboration des vins ont conduit le Domaine de Leyre-Loup à l'obtention en 2016 du label Terra Vitis, qui est une certification d'agriculture raisonnée.

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Wine Enthusiast 89/100 for the Morgon Réserve 2012

Boldly tannic, this structured, wood-aged wine is just starting out. It's as much dry wood and tannins as fruit at this stage, although the fruit and mineral texture do promise aging. There is significant acidity at the end. Drink from 2016. Wine Enthusiast, 89/100


Wine Enthusiast 90/100 for the Fleurie Réserve 2011

With its wood aging and rich, concentrated black cherry fruits, this is an impressive wine. Aged for 18 months in wood, it is a special selection that brings out rich fruits, a ripe structure and some aging potential. Drink from 2016. Wine Enthusiast, 90/100


Fleurie Réserve 2011

Le Fleurie Réserve Louis Leyre-Loup 2011 est médaillé d'argent au Concours des Vins Elle à Table 2015


Wine Enthusiast 91/100 for the Morgon Réserve 2011

A perfumed wine, it has structured black fruits and a solid texture. It is rich, showing complexity through its tannins along with acidity and fruitiness. Still surprisingly young to taste, it should not be drunk until 2015. Wine Enthusiast, 91/100

Morgon Réserve 2011

Wine Enthusiast 90/100 for the Morgon Domaine 2012

"Perfumed fruits offer a ripe counterpoint to the solid tannins. Dark cherries, a touch of wood and layers of acidity come together well, leaving the chance to age further. Drink until 2020".

90/100 [excellent]

Morgon Domaine 2012

Selection foire aux vins 2013 du Nouvel Observateur

A fresh and intense nose of ripe fruits and spices. The foremouth is generous and mouth-filing, the palate is well balanced and persistant. A fine and pleasant Fleurie. Wine Fair 2013 selection


Fleurie Réserve 2010

A beautiful wine...

Garnet-red brilliant and translucent hue. Open, fresh and intense nose. Aromas of ripe red fruits, mild spices (cinnamon, nutmeg) and pepper. A persistent, well-balanced and harmonious wine. Volume in the first taste, tannins are still maturing, beautiful length, good persistency. Notes of roasted nuts. Well-balanced finish. Match with food: calf's sweetbread puff pastry and creamy vegetable brunoise. A beautiful wine. Drink up to 2017-2018. Sommeliers International

Fleurie Réserve 2010

How elegant !

What an elegance for this Beaujolais « grand cru »! Our tasting was sheer pleasure: feminine notes together with the Gamay finesse. Congratulations to Jacques Lanson, the winemaker, who made his winery a reference for fine wine amateurs. Thierry Rochas MW

Fleurie Domaine 2011

Gold medal for the Fleurie Domaine 2012

vif_orThe Fleurie Domaine de Leyre-Loup 2012 received a gold medal at the French Independent Wineries 2013 contest.

More info

Silver medal for the Morgon Domaine 2010


The Morgon Domaine de leyre-Loup 2010 received a Silver Medal at the French Independent Wineries Contest.

More info

90/100 [Excellent] Wine Enthusiast rating for the Fleurie Réserve Louis Leyre-Loup 2010

wine_enthusiast_60x60This is a perfumed wine with violet aromas and a fragrant character. It has soft plum and cherry flavors, its acidity shaped by ripe fruits. There is a touch of structure that provides a fine finish.. Wine Enthusiast 90/100 [Excellent]

more news...

88/100 Wine Enthusiast rating for the Fleurie Domaine de Leyre-Loup 2011

wine_enthusiast_60x60"Just bottled, this wine is young, fruity and full of black cherry and red plum flavors. Combined with this is a firm character and a structure of tannins that demand aging over at least 2–3 years." Wine Enthusiast 88/100

more news

91/100 Wine Enthusiast for the Morgon Réserve Louis Leyre-Loup 2009


"This is a dense and rich wine, showing the power of a Morgon and the ripeness of the vintage. It is full bodied, dense and firmly tannic, with red plum and sweet cherry flavors. Keep this fine wine for another 2–3 years."

91/100 [Excellent]

more news

The Wine Enthusiast ranks the Morgon Domaine de Leyre-Loup 2009 "Excellent"

Note 90/100: "With some maturity, this has become a rounded wine with attractive soft tannins, freshly peeled plums and bitter cherry flavours. Everything is softening together, the acidity is calm and balanced."

Three medals for the Morgon Réserve Louis Leyre-Loup 2008

The Morgon Réserve Louis Leyre-Loup 2008, vinified and grown 18 months in old oak barrels, received three bronze medals at three of the best independent wine contests: the Decanter World Wine Awards, the Concours International des Grands Vins de France and the Concours National des Vignerons Indépendants.

First award for the Fleurie Réserve Louis Leyre-Loup

The Fleurie Réserve Louis Leyre-Loup 2010 received a bronze medal at the Concours International des Grands Vins de France of Mâcon 2012.

The Morgon Réserve Louis Leyre-Loup 2011 received a silver medal at the same wine contest and the Morgon Domaine de Leyre-Loup 2009 a bronze medal.

Le Fleurie Réserve Louis Leyre-Loup 2010 noté 16,5/20 (excellent) par le Guide Gerbelle et Maurange
Le Fleurie Réserve Louis Leyre-Loup 2010 noté 16,5/20 (excellent) par le Guide Gerbelle et Maurange

"Rouge sanguin, parfum étoffé de bois de ronce et d'épices douces sur une texture aux tanins francs et libres. Sa texture sapide prolonge sa nature profonde en évoquant la noblesse du cru sur son côté fin et digeste. Une réussite."

plus d'info...

Une étoile au Guide Hachette 2013 pour le Fleurie Réserve Louis Leyre-Loup 2010


"Christophe Lanson started in 1993 in Morgon, and expanded the Domaine in the nearby Fleurie, where he now runs 2.81 hectares of vines in the Poncié and Les Combes climats. This 2010 is his first vintage in this appellation, that is sold under the name Réserve Louis Leyre-Loup. Part of the harvest was destemmed, and the vintage was grown 18 months in oak (old oak barrels). This is reflected in an oaked nose, but an elegant oak, with toasted and vanilla flavours. Structured, wide and silky, the mouth nicely reflects the wine-growing. To be opened in two years time on a coq-au-vin."

"Top 6 summer wine" for the Fleurie Réserve Louis Leyre-Loup 2010

chelsea_wine_company_80x60by Richard Longman, director of the Chelsea Wine Company: "I must be honest. Some of the most disappointing wine I have ever tasted has come from Beaujolais. It is a huge region, capable of some complete dross; but in the right hands, the Gamay grape reaches absolute star status. Domaine de Leyre-Loup, established in 1993, is producing fresh and floral Fleurie as well as fruity and spicy Morgon. My choice to accompany pork or veal this summer is the Domaine de Leyre-Loup, Fleurie Réserve 2010. A vibrant violet colour, it is obviously "very cherry". Great aromas, it balances fruit and acidity to achieve a velvety finish, perfect for those long-summer evenings."